L'élevage de chats de race Bengal "Les Anges de Dhaka" vous propose :

Les "Anges de Dhaka" is a small bengal cattery located in south-west of France between Toulouse and Agen, raising adorable and beautiful cats looking like panthers.

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  Les Anges de Dhaka, élevage de chats Bengal

Welcome on "Anges de Dhaka" website

Welcome on "Anges de Dhaka" website

If you visit "Angels of Dhaka" website, it must be like us, one day, your eyes landed on this beautiful feline's breed Bengal cat.

You must be searching for information about the origin of this mini-leopard.

In a very brief summary, the Bengal was born in the USA as a result of a cross between a Prionailurus bengalensis small Asian leopard and a domestic cat in 1963.

Since 1985 and only after a long process of hybridization and selection, the Bengal cat breed is recognized official race.

This cuddly cat, and often talkative player has his wild appearance. Athletic nature, he will love to spend and perch most often in unusual places. His way of getting around is incredibly magical. It has kept its wild ancestor this approach will continue to fill your admiration.

To this day, we still can not get tired of looking them, that is a feast for the eyes.

The Bengal cat can have different kinds of color and pattern dress. It can be spotted (mottled or closed or open rosettes) or marbled (large stripes), of brown color (more or less tawny), silver (gray) or snow (white).

If you want more information, we remain at your disposal for any further information.

Do not hesitate to contact us... While waiting to fulfill one of your dreams, we hope you will enjoy browsing our website.

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Bengal cats breeding "les Anges de Dhaka".

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